Recruitment for Pharma en Biotech vacancies

The functions we recruit for in the Pharma and Biotech industries

With an education in Life Sciences or Pharmacy you work in a lab such as a QC lab, Development department or in research. You are a researcher; scientist and you contribute to the development of new medicines or vaccines with your research. You could also work in a lab and contribute with your meticulous work with the checking of effects or the guaranteeing of constant quality.
Where you would work
We work for producers of medicines and vaccines from the larger well-known pharmaceutical industry up to and including the startups in the biotech. Here you work in innovative and groundbreaking research. You will contribute to the health of people and animals.

Reacting to a job offer

The most logical way is to react to a current job offer. One of our Recruitment Consultants with Pharma/Biotech experience will contact you then. If the function you are looking for is not there, you can register yourself. As soon as there is a vacancy in your professional field, one of our Pharma/Biotech Recruiters will contact you to discuss this with you. Headhunting/direct search is our core business after all, so it could very well happen that we approach you with an interesting vacancy in Pharma/Biotech. If this is a good time for you to change jobs, then our Pharma/Biotech Recruitment Consultant will review with you if the job offer is a fit for your knowledge and experience and, of course, your wishes, to take the next step



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