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About MY Recruitment

As Recruitment Consultants we have been active in the Food, Feed, Chemistry and Pharma/ Biotech industry since 2002. We have also worked in these industries ourselves for many years. We therefore have extensive knowledge about these markets, and we have the specialist knowledge necessary to understand and fill in the functions in the Life Sciences markets.


The feedback from our clients and successfully placed candidates shows that our work methods are appealing. Fully committed we start looking for the best match for the client, and for the candidate. We support and advise our clients in the recruitment process and the candidate in his application process, serving both interests.

Personal, enthusiasm and quality driven

  • Enthusiasm: At MY Recruitment, we value the right person in the right place. We are passionate about our profession and do everything in our power to find the right candidate and inspire them.
  • Quality-driven: MY Recruitment is committed to long-term solutions, while quality is always our prime concern, resulting in long-term cooperation between employer and employee. Integrity and care are our guiding principles.
  • Personal: MY Recruitment chooses for a personal approach, both towards our clients and in our contact with candidates. Because of this we have a good image of both parties. We are transparent about our work methods and work very thoroughly in our quest for the right candidate. For the highest level of success, we have a relationship of trust with both parties.

The owners of MY Recruitment

Marga Hekstra & Yvette de Kok

"As a Consultant, I like a personal approach, attaching great importance to reliability, commitment and quality. My 14-year experience in R&D and knowledge of the market allows me to serve as the right sparring partner for both client and candidate."
Marga Hekstra

"It is challenging and fun at the same time to get to know a company and its culture in a short space of time and find the right candidate. A personal approach is the basis, as a result of which we quickly build a good relationship with clients and candidates."
Yvette de Kok


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