MY Recruitment en Talent Development

Do you want to know whether your candidate is the right match for the vacancy or your organization? Or to identify the natural talents of your employee? Or how to further develop the talents and competences of your employees?

MY Recruitment offers the TMA method for this. 

What does TMA mean? Talent Motivation Analysis.

The analysis provides insight into the talents, motivations, competences and career opportunities of professionals. In short, TMA stands for integral talent management.

The three core values of TMA are:

  • Positive
  • Connecting
  • Talent-oriented 

If you take these three values into account, we believe that people are and stay most motivated, effective and successful in work that lies closest to their true nature. Based on this premise, the TMA talent analysis puts the candidate or employee in the center. 

The TMA talent analysis makes it possible to carry out an objective, constructive and above all in-depth analysis of the talents and development potential of (potential) employees, and it immediately gives you an insight into the competencies and associated behavior.

What can you use TMA for?

  • To find the right candidate for a vacancy
  • If you want to gain more insight into the talents of your employees and their development prospects
  • To put together the right competency profile
  • To put together the right team within your organization

As a result, your organization and your team will sustainably perform better and develop extensive. 

Do you want this for your organization or team? Or would you to hear more? Please contact our TMA Certified Professional, Ellen de Kroon: 06-53170757 or


You are an experienced QA Officer, with experience in CSV and equipment validation. You are looking for a position with a high level of independency in a complex environment. 
You are a senior Business Developer in the highly scientific environment of laboratory services for clinical trials. You are ready for a next step in your career - ready to develop new business by setting up strategic, complex, global and multisite deals with top 40 pharma companies. As EU BD lead you will be part of a new BD team with colleagues in Europe and the US. We welcome candidates from the Netherlands, Belgium and UK.


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