MY Recruitment and Chemistry vacancies

Since we started in 2002, we have been active in the Chemistry industry as a Recruitment agency for candidates with a higher education. Our consultants are familiar with the chemistry market because of years’ long Recruitment experience or because we have worked in it ourselves. In Chemistry Recruitment we often start from technical education such as Chemical Technology, Biotechnology or Engineering as the basis for your function in technical roles such as QA and QESH, Product Development, or Engineering. A background in Chemistry or Chemical Technology is also a good addition for many sales and management functions. Our Recruitment Consultants are always researching where a function can connect and what the possibilities are.

The HBO/WO functions we recruit for in the chemical industry

With an education in Chemical Technology, Engineering, Biotechnology, but also in commercial education, you can surely find your way to several functions in the field of Chemistry. Such as functions in Quality Control or as a manager, Operations Manager, Engineering, Maintenance, SHE/QESH management in Product development. Also, in more commercial functions such as Account Manager and (general) management positions.
Where you would work
Our clients are producers or suppliers of ingredients for application in for instance, personal care, cosmetics or in medicines. Another example is the case applications, coatings, adhesives etc. The applications are very broad, so listing them all would not be possible.

Reacting to a job offer - Kopie

The most logical way is to react to a current job offer. One of our Recruitment Consultants with Chemistry experience will contact you then. If the function you are looking for is not there, you can register yourself. As soon as a job offer is available in your professional field, one of our Chemistry Recruiters will contact you to discuss this with you. Headhunting/direct search is our core business after all, so it could very well happen that we approach you with an interesting vacancy in Chemistry. If this is a good time for you to change jobs, then our Chemistry Recruitment Consultant will review with you if the job offer is a fit for your knowledge and experience and, of course, your wishes, to take the next step.

Why MY Recruitment

To us, you are more than just your resume. We have a good image of the function and the employer that you are going to apply for. Before you have a conversation with them, we will have an extensive interview with you. This is where we will review with you if the function is a good fit and what your challenge would be to go for it. We will give you a lot of background information about the company and we will prepare you for the application interviews. We will guide the process until you sign the contract. If it would be the case that you are not accepted for the job, we will explain to you why that was the case. 



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