Are you ready for the next step in your career? Are you a motivated starter and looking for a challenging job? MY Recruitment is ready to help professionals who work in the fields of Food/Feed, Chemistry or Pharma/Biotech. Life Science Recruitment is our business. 

Personal Matching

We start from the position of the actual job offer of one of our clients, but your wishes and ambitions are equally important. The hard requirements, such as an education, are important, but so is the match for you as a person with the employer. Do the working hours match the flexibility that you maybe need? Are you very eager, and looking for an employer who will allow you to progress quickly? Everything will be considered so that you will not only end up in the right position now, but also in the future.
After we have gotten a good total picture from you after an extensive conversation, we can introduce you to our client. That is where the added value lies for you. You are more than just your resume and that is how we will introduce you. We guide the process until the signatures have been placed and then we stay in touch to find out how you are doing in your new job.


Are you looking for the next step in your career within the Food/Feed, Chemistry or Pharma/Biotech industry? Do you think it is important that your personal wishes are considered? Then you are more than welcome at MY Recruitment. Register today!
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